• Shelf Video Display

    The shelf edge LCD advertising screen is used to display commercial products information, public service advertisements. The lcd screen can seamlessly interface with the station to realize the automatic broadcast of the store ads.

  • Smart Table-top Ordering Device

    Smart Table-top Ordering Device

    LCD display player can be used in advertising machine and ordering machine.

  • Table-top Video Display

    Table-top Video Display

    Advertising Player is to help you accurately express advertising information and establish brand image. Consumers are being guided to spend every day.

Shelf Video Display is applicable to Supermarkets, Shopping malls, Retailing Stores, Commercial Buildings and much more. It showcases and highlights the selling points, features of the products by displaying on the screen, largely encourage the consumers’ desire to order immediately. Meanwhile, it significantly improves the productivity of the staff, decreases the cost of printing posters for advertisement.

Smart Table-top Ordering Machine is applicable to Restaurants, Hotels, cafeterias, coffee shops and more. It is not only an ordering machine but also an advertising machine that works as an self-assistant, users can distinctively order their favorites through the screen within seconds, which remarkably brings better user experience and satisfaction.

Table top video display suitable for commercial buildings, supermarkets, banks and other places.It uses a combination of pictures, slides, animations, audio, video and scrolling to create a wonderful visual feast.And to deliver a full range of product information and promotional information to consumers. Meanwhile,it is an important communication bridge between the producers, operators and consumers.