Smart Table-top Ordering Device

Table-top Video Display is composed of bracket and lcd display player.

The bracket is a tray as well as a power library , Which can be used for a charging source when the advertising machine is placed on the bracket.

LCD display player can be used in advertising machine and ordering machine.


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Product name 10.1 inch Smart Table-top Ordering Device
Brightness: 400cd/m2
Input Voltage: DC12V
Contrast Ratio: 900:1
Resolution:: 1280* 800
O.S. Android 5.1(Support automatic system upgrade)
Loudspeaker: 2W speaker*2
DC Output: 12V, 3A
AC Input: 110-240V
Video format: MEPG 1/2/4,H.263/H.264,RMVB,SWF/WMV/VC-1, MVC,AVS
Warranty: 1 Year
Control Touch screen, Remote control
Touch Panel: Capacitive multi-touch(5point) G+P
Display Video plays,Audio plays,Pictures play(Slides mode)
Personalized Power On/Off 24-hour/day working without people operation,no matter on working day or holiday


1.Fine / exquisite picture quality

The resolution is 1920×1080,Video supports HD 1080P,10 - point capacitive touch, gorgeous color, fine realistic.

2.Capacitive touch screen

Capacitive multi-touch screen, smooth handle; Corrosion resistance, no fear of scratches


  • Ordering interface - food pictures can be enlarged, pictures can show the introduction of food
  • Click the menu - you can enter the number of dishes, taste, recipe or special requirements
  • Touch and select the desired flavor
  • Ordered dishes interface - functional options have a variety of functions to choose, such as all called up, all delete, whole requirements, and so on function by girl
  • When deciding to send dishes, you need to input the waiter's job number and password to prevent customers from sending by mistake
  • The ordered dishes interface can modify individual dishes or the whole dishes
  • Urgent food Settings will be prompted
  • This interface has the function of cleaning empty table, changing table, presenting dishes and so on


1.Does the surface acoustic wave screen of the touch-screen ordering machine in the wireless ordering system need to be cleaned frequently?

This depends on the environment in which you use the corner touch screen, which normally only needs to be cleaned once a year if you install it the normal way.

2.Why do contacts sometimes deviate from the mouse arrow?

This phenomenon is commonly referred to as mouse drift. Normally, this phenomenon this phenomenon is the accumulation of dust and scale at the edges of reflected sound waves, which affects the transmission of acoustic signals. Please use the above method to wipe the surrounding area and clean the touch screen control card to turn it off.

3.How to clean the touch screen in the corner in the wireless ordering system?

Spray a towel with glass cleaner, then wipe the glass surface with the towel. Below average circumstance, usable dry towel wipes the dirt of glass surface directly. If it is

Angle of touch display, interchangeable business card or hard cover touch screen display gap, just wipe the dust in the gap.

4.Why doesn't the touch screen in the wireless ordering system respond at all?

Please open the cabinet back panel behind the monitor to check if the connection is loose and can be pulled out and reinserted. If this does not work, install the touch screen driver, reinstall and calibrate it.